focuses on providing an open physical database model for financial securities reference data often referred to as securities masterfile information.

What is MDDB ?


  • An open source relational data model derived from the MDDL 3.0 specification. Work product of the joint FPL/FISD Data Model Working Group (DMWG). Includes input from the ECB CSDB model, the EDMC Semantic Repository, FIX messages, FpML, ISO 20022, and industry experience in mapping data vendor feeds into physical relational models.


  • A collection of Controlled Vocabularies common within the financial services industry, along with a link to Genericode.


  • A ideal schema for a central reference data model used to anchor a enterprise data management initiative.


  • An example of mapping the terms in the EDM Council's Semantic Repository into a ccomprehensive database schame design by the financial industry for the financial industry.


  • A replacement for the expensive proprietary schemas you are forced to licence and use when a vendor of enterprise data management solutions engages with you.


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